One Life Strategy

The Western Australian Suicide Prevention Strategy is a call to action.

It aims to transform attitudes regarding suicide and suicidal behaviour and represents a guide for policies and services to better meet the needs of people at risk.  The Strategy also charts a longer term vision to promote individual mental health and wellbeing and the need to enhance community capacity in approaches to suicide prevention.

As part of the aim to improve the mental health and wellbeing of all Western Australians, the State Government has launched the Strategy to address the unacceptable high suicide rate in Western Australia. Each year in Western Australia, over 200 people complete suicide and an even greater number harm themselves in suicide attempts.

The Western Australian Government has committed $13 million over 4 years to implement the Strategy from 2009 – 2013. Centrecare was appointed as the preferred provider and the contract was signed on the 11 August 2010.

The public funds associated with the Strategy are the responsibility of the Mental Health Commission. The Commissioner is accountable through the Minister to parliament for those funds. The Commissioner for Mental Health is a member of the Ministerial Council for Suicide Prevention.

The Ministerial Council for Suicide Prevention will lead the Strategy and oversee initiatives to improve strength and resilience, expand community knowledge of suicide, and support capacity building in communities at increased risk. The Ministerial Council for Suicide Prevention will make recommendations to the Minister for Mental Health on matters related to suicide.

Centrecare, as the appointed non government organisation will actively attract support across sectors and work with individual communities, government, non government and corporate agencies across Western Australia to facilitate a coordinated agency and local response to communities experiencing early signs of a suicide crisis. Centrecare will implement initiatives to increase awareness, coordinate training, research and evaluation of suicide prevention strategies across the State of Western Australia.

Centrecare will employ a Network Coordinator to engage communities and outline how they can implement the Strategy. An Agency Coordinator will also be employed and will engage government, non government and corporate agencies to establish organisation wide suicide prevention strategies.

Local Community Coordinators will be engaged to support local communities in mapping existing suicide prevention activities and determine the need for future initiatives that will be documented in Community Action Plans. Recommendations by Centrecare for Community Action Plans will be approved by the Ministerial Council for Suicide Prevention.

Edith Cowan University have entered into a partnership arrangement with Centrecare and will conduct the research and evaluation components of the Strategy as an independent entity. 

Download the WASP Strategy PDF

The National Picture

The Western Australian Suicide Prevention Strategy is aligned with the National Suicide Prevention Strategy: Living is for Everyone (LIFE) and provides a framework and governance structure to guide initiatives in Western Australia for the future.

Centrecare will apply the national Living Is For Everyone (LIFE) Framework’s action areas (endorsed within the Strategy) as the foundation for initiatives intended to prevent suicide.

Those action areas are:

  • Improving the evidence base and understanding of suicide prevention
  • Building individual resilience and the capacity for self-help
  • Improving community strength, resilience and capacity in suicide prevention
  • Taking a coordinated approach to suicide intervention
  • Providing targeted suicide prevention activities for high risk groups
  • Implementing standards and quality in suicide prevention

In addition Centrecare seeks to;

  • Build individual and community capacity and resilience – through initiatives focussed on the facilitation and completion of Community Action Plans in high risk and priority areas, as determined by the Ministerial Council for Suicide Prevention
  • Engage Indigenous and Non-Indigenous communities, families, schools and workplaces within the framework of customised, Community Action Plans, to develop appropriate, evidence based suicide prevention initiatives and sources of social support that appropriately target general communities and high risk groups
  • Support each element of the Strategy according to priorities determined by the Ministerial Council for Suicide Prevention and using accepted principles of best practice, and the promotion of inter-sectoral collaboration and cooperation
  • Improve the evidence base and understanding of suicide prevention, by embedding research and evaluation within the process of developing and facilitating targeted community based interventions

Download the National Suicide Prevention Strategy PDF


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