Government of Western Australia

How it works

The Ministerial Council for Suicide Prevention leads the statewide suicide prevention strategy, Suicide Prevention 2020: Together we can save lives. The Council also oversees initiatives to:

  • improve strength and resilience;
  • expand community understanding of suicide; and
  • support capacity building in communities at risk

The Mental Health Commission(MHC) oversees the operational delivery of the Strategy through policy, research, contracting and communications and reports to Parliament through the Minister. It also provides executive support to the Ministerial Council for Suicide Prevention. The MHC provides around $1.7 million each year to a range of suicide prevention initiatives including crisis counselling, suicide prevention and postvention services.

The Commissioner for Mental Health is a member of the Ministerial Council for Suicide Prevention.

The national picture

Suicide Prevention 2020: Together we can save lives is informed by the National Suicide Prevention Strategy: Living is for Everyone (LIFE) and provides a framework to guide initiatives in Western Australia.

By working together – we can change things for the better

Much is being done to prevent suicide and support those in the community who are most vulnerable.

Suicide affects the whole community and it is vital that communities, government and business work together to find ways to prevent its devastating impacts.

Suicide is preventable. If you notice a friend, colleague, or family member is struggling; reach out to them.

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