Government of Western Australia

I need help

  • Have a yarn with someone you trust and respect. Talking with someone who cares can help us immensely. It’s important that people know how you are feeling and what’s going on in your life, and can remind you how much people care.
  • Speak to your GP or health worker about your thoughts. Their services are confidential, and can have a yarn with you with professional knowledge. They can also refer you to the types of counselling or help you may need.
  • Talk to a community elder or an Aboriginal mental health worker about your thoughts and how you’re feeling.
  • Remember that your mental health is part of your overall wellbeing. It is as important to take care of yourself mentally as it is physically. There should be no shame in seeking help for your social and emotional wellbeing.
  • Have a look around on our resources page, as well as on sites such as beyondblue and Lifeline. They can direct you to a nearby health centre or service you can access.

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